Resort Luxury Comes Home

New York Designer Stacy Garcia Brings Bold Patterns and Striking Colors Home

For designer Stacy Garcia, luxury is a sensory experience. From the beginnings of Stacy Garcia Inc., back in 2004, she has been pushing the hospitality industry beyond gold-plated toilet seats and rotating beds to a guest experience based on bold patterns, striking colors, and lush textiles. Whether it’s the watercolor-inspired wallpaper she created for York Wallcoverings or the New York City speakeasy-inspired carpet collection for Brintons, each new project communicates luxury in the most elegant of all languages—the senses.

Stacy Garcia

Garcia’s vision of luxury has found a receptive audience. Stacy Garcia Inc. operates a variety of fashion décor licensing agreements, and the company now includes three distinct brands: Stacy Garcia Commercial, Stacy Garcia | New York, and her new residential line, Stay by Stacy Garcia. Her work has been featured in Interior Design and Architectural Digest, among other publications. Her carpets, wallpapers, and textiles can be found in such far-flung locales as the Hotel Engimatt in Zurich and the Hilton Kampala in Uganda. However, the place that most inspires her is New York City, which she now calls home.

“New York City is the city that never sleeps, but also reinvents itself,” Garcia said. “Reinvention is key to staying relevant in the design world.”

A Colorful Story

Well-traveled is an adjective that could be used to describe Stacy Garcia’s aesthetic. That, no doubt, is the result of her vagabond childhood. She was born in Guadalajara, Mexico, but she then relocated with her Grateful Dead–following, motorcycle-riding parents to Queens, New York. After a stop back in Mexico, and then further travels to Chicago and Long Island, her family finally settled in Suffern, New York. Along the way, she developed a fearlessness about mixing and matching colors and patterns from around the globe. For Garcia, as long as there is harmony between motif, texture, and color, there are an infinite number of combinations for every project.

Garcia said, “When you think you have gone too far, add one extra element! And don’t be afraid of pattern. We love to layer, so have fun mixing patterns, but pay attention to scale when doing so.”

Stacy Garcia

The Morocco to Madrid trend gallery presented by Garcia at the 2016 HD Expo is a perfect example of this fearlessness. Inspired by Moorish architecture and tiles, as well as the bold colors of Spain, this collection of colors and patterns exudes a worldliness that is unique to Garcia’s design. The Morocco to Madrid color palette features ochre, cobalt, teal, and fiery red.

Much like Garcia’s own life, these seemingly disparate elements come together to tell a unified story, and creating a unified color story within a space is key to successful design. As Garcia explained, "Each my brands, although targeted and specific to its market, adds a well-traveled edge to the ever-evolving world of interiors. Color and layering of pattern is signature to all of my brands.”


While Garcia made her name in hospitality, she has recently turned her attention to designing for residential spaces with her new line, Stay by Stacy Garcia. This transition is one that many commercial designers were forced to make after 2008, when many consumers opted out of traveling and instead invested in home improvements. Many hoteliers responded to the economic downturn by halting new projects, but prescient designers like Garcia saw an opening.

Stay by Stacy Garcia, which is set to launch in 2017, will be aimed at the female Gen X consumer. The line will include everything from bedding and towels to outerwear and accessories. The entire line will feature Garcia’s trademark patterns and colors, as well as her knack for bringing resort luxury home.

Stacy Garcia

According to Garcia, “We really wanted to make sure we were providing a cozy, clean and relaxed aesthetic with the presence of pattern and pops of bold color. A layering of color and material has been key in developing our Stay concept. Stay by Stacy Garcia invites you to bring the indulgent feeling of vacation back home.”

Garcia doesn’t view residential and commercial design as two distinct enterprises, especially since the economic recovery has allowed consumers to play with more high-end materials in their home projects. A long-time fan of Pratt & Lambert’s diverse and comprehensive color palette, Garcia has used her e-zine, Life-Style, as a space to show consumers what colors she is most excited about (at the moment, they include Pratt & Lambert’s Peach Kiss 5-7 and Sea Fairy 16-6).

Her praise for Pratt & Lambert is effusive: “I love how versatile Pratt & Lambert is; you can find a color palette for exactly what you are looking for, but picking a favorite color is like asking me to pick a favorite child.”

A Bold Future

One growing aspect of Garcia’s business is trend forecasting. She and her team dig deep into what’s current in the arts, entertainment, and fashion, and then they discern what is just a fad, and what is a trend that’s here to stay. This process yields invaluable information for her clients and also gives her manufacturing partners a competitive advantage.

Among the new color trends Garcia is keeping her keen eye on is coral. A refreshing hue that can easily be paired with grays and whites, coral works for paint and wallpapers, as well as fashion accessories. For an elegant twist, Garcia suggests juxtaposing coral with gold.

What Stacy Garcia is loving now: fresh coral paired with gold tones and warm greige.







But even when thinking about new trends in both commercial and residential design, Garcia reminds us not to forget what true luxury is all about

"Luxury is high quality in design and materials," Garcia said. "Today’s luxury is all about the experience.