Color Narrative™

We invite you, the visionaries and taste makers of New York City, to engage in a story of perfect color and uncompromising style.

Come explore a collection of sophisticated palettes—come explore Pratt & Lambert® Color Narrative™. Find our most sophisticated and carefully crafted colors, and garner motivation for your next best design project. Each gorgeous collection was developed to please the excellence demanded by professional designers, stylists, contractors, and architects.

Each shade was created with you in mind—to fit any venture and any creative concept.

Our five color capsules—Allegory™, Folklore™, Archetype™, Prologue™, and Catalyst™—try to spark a passion for beautiful color and a passion for beautiful paint.

A palette brimming with brilliance and reminiscent of Gothic style, Allegory alludes to an era of understated charm. Its hues create a magnetic mix for a color story both complex and magnetic.

Look to our Folklore palette for reflected-upon color partners that generate an ambience of warmth and intimacy. You will find a mastery of balance and harmony, and a backdrop for a new style story to spread out.

Archetype gives rise to clarity of color and vision, with a precisely proportioned palette that easily harmonizes cool to warm tones and hushed to deeply saturated shades.

Our Prologue palette presents a basic approach to color, quieting the senses and feeding the spirit.

Finally, our Catalyst colors echo a modern state of mind, with jewel tones that elevate décor to a post-deco dreamscape.

Look to your local NYC Pratt & Lambert retailer to see what palette fits your design needs, and join us as we tell fresh stories of color. We hope you’ll find your next style expression in the Color Narrative library, and we trust you’ll find our thoughtfully crafted hues as irresistible as we do.

New for 2016, Color Narrative is beginning to arrive in select New York City retailers now.

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