Our design gurus have been busy locating the premier not-to-be-missed events for New York City design specialists.

From the most inspirational get-togethers to the zaniest pioneering experiences, we’ve explored both sides of the East River—and beyond—for the hottest design events both here in New York City and abroad. Large and small, known and unknown, these are the most-captivating places where New York City artists can share their ideas, present their work, and learn from one another.

Call it magic, call it inspiration, call it a muse—something very exceptional happens when designers assemble together, whether we’re squeezing into the latest pop-up gallery in Central Park or attending the kickoff for a new design studio in Long Island. It’s right here in the center of communities of like-minded enthusiasts that original ideas are concocted, dreams are imagined, and this design life that we live takes on a completely new significance.

Something very special happens when New York City designers gather together.

Be sure to take the time to investigate our nearby and global event schedule. You never know what’s going on in your own backyard, in a neighboring city, or across the sea—but this is your opportunity to find out.

Local Events

Local Design Events

Take a look at design events in SoHo, Bushwick, Williamsburg, Harlem, and more. Find inspiration right where you live and discover like-minded peers by viewing our assembled list of the trendsetting design events in New York City. From galleries to lectures, grand openings to live performances, we’ve catalogued the most inspiring and energizing events happening now in New York City.

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Global Events

Global Design Events

Discover incomparable design events happening worldwide. Go beyond New York City and see what’s being discussed on a global design level. From worldwide trend‑forecasting conferences to industry‑specific gatherings and trade shows, these are the events that are having the most powerful impact on design.

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