Global Design Happenings

Learn about the leading design events from around the world.

From industry trade shows to world-renowned conferences, we've highlighted the must-attend design events happening in the United States and abroad.

We've questioned designers, scrutinized lists of recommendations and searched the internet for the most impressive conferences, events, shows, and gatherings the world has to offer designers—specifically New York City designers.

We are enamored of all our city has to offer, but we also love the challenge of discovering new approaches. Of seeing art and design work in a way that solves not only business problems but also has significance beyond our borders. Of being part of something so much bigger than we ever fathomed. This is what occurs when you venture outside the five buroughs. When you open your mind to new frames of reference, of designing, of creating.

This is your chance to go beyond NYC and see what’s being talked about on a global design level.

From the interactive and dynamic TYPO conferences taking place in cities in all parts of the word to Chicago's NeoCon, North America's biggest and best commercial interiors event, to Canada's innovative Interior Design Show, we're confident we've found the crème de la crème—an elite level of events that are making a splash in New York City and around the world. Events that you can be sure will be more than worth your while.

This is your chance to go beyond NYC and see what’s being talked about on a global design level. This is your chance to be a part of worldwide trend-forecasting conferences, architectural and design trade shows, and conferences centered around using design to make the world a more desirable place.

This is it. Your can't-go-wrong, must-see, must-do calendar of places to see, people to meet, and seminars to attend.

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