Local Finds

We’ve curated all the hottest places for you to visit in your neighborhood—and beyond.

You never know what’s making a quiet splash, what’s trending in every neighborhood of this concrete jungle. Our local design experts embarked on a mission to locate what’s worth the excitement and the distance. We’re always on the hunt to shed light on the city’s hottest spots, whether it’s the relaxing weekday brunch spot we're just now hearing about or the treasured flower market you may not have noticed quite yet.

New York City is unparalleled in eccentric hot spots, avant-garde eateries, local pop-ups, and premium design finds.

NYC is brimming with dozens of neighborhoods, each one boasting unique stories and attractions, and your compulsion is to uncover the complexities that define them all. But with more design news sites popping up than ever before, it’s difficult to keep track of every recent debut.

That’s where we come in. We do all the digging and discovery to satisfy your curiosity. We are the city’s relentless style seekers, and we are your design go-getters. We’ve engrossed ourselves in the city’s most powerful draws.

We’re up to date with the newest exhibits at the Whitney, the MOMA, and the numerous other galleries and museums all over town. We have the scoop on the local art meccas, and their provocative artists just like you, that are quintessentially New York City. We’re seeking out the culinary landmarks in Jewish delis and French bistros—because we know every design mind appreciates the art of international cuisine. We’re scouring the world’s shopping capital for the retail rarities. We zero in on the boutiques carrying all your design desires, from traditional to modern.

We highlight every essential venue to fulfill every style expression. So the next time you begin your local design quest—simply start with us.

A Design Jewel in Brooklyn

Caitlin Mociun’s unusual life story has translated into a unique vision of design, as well as a one-of-a-kind approach to retail.

Hudson Valley Getaway

New York’s Hudson Valley, a short drive from New York City, features historical sites, design landmarks, and buzzworthy towns.

Designing an Experience

Immersive retail, such as Pirch in New York City, uses hands-on design methods to create unique shopping experiences.