Designer Profiles

NYC, meet the innovator next door.

We’ve identified New York City’s finest, those who are forward thinking and creating one-of-kind style, bolstering the city’s label as a continued design powerhouse. Through exclusive interviews and extensive profiles, we gain insight into the finest creative processes and receive the behind‑the‑scenes stories of some of the most reputable design ventures. We even highlight the very best up‑and‑coming faces who are making their mark—the future stars you need to know now.

These are the city’s creative elite—the designers, architects, and stylists who passionately pursue design excellence.

Like you, they choose to go beyond the conventional and see that which is unknown. They take what is minimal and turn it into exceptional. They understand that detail is everything. It is all in the way creative individuals choose to add their touch.

In any case, we invite you to expand your design horizon. We invite you to connect and glean from other chic craftspeople, design phenoms, and meticulous makers to allow a new viewpoint to energize your own world of design—and broaden it for the better.



From well-established architects to new-to-the-scene designers, to the trend watchers we can’t stop watching, we find inspiration in one another.

While it may be a competitive market, the most innovative and highly regarded designers develop their expertise by learning from other leading-edge designers. Whether calling Williamsburg or Dumbo home base and a prime place for inspiration, experienced stylists of the Big Apple all boast one thing—a different perspective. Each featured designer sees the world in a new light, challenging or celebrating the ways of the past and paving the way for the future. We look to their charisma and vision to create our own color trends, and offer more advice to you, their creative comrades.

Meet our featured designers.