Designer Tools

All of Pratt & Lambert’s best tools are being offered to New York City designers through Design In Color NYC, a new destination for those engrossed in the world of color and design.

Every time we take a Manhattan warehouse and turn it into premium industrial lofts, every time we restore a Brooklyn brownstone to its 19th-century charm, every time we’re given something ordinary to make extraordinary, we rely on our perspective, our intuition, and our repository of tools to get there.

We’ve found that some of our top designer tools are produced by Pratt & Lambert—the storied paint brand that’s been backing design professionals since 1849. Here’s a look at a couple of the resources we use, resources that not only allow clients to see what we see but help our concepts fully take shape.

The Pratt & Lambert Designer Library comes with everything that professionals need when sitting down with clients or conferencing with subcontractors. Stored within a sturdy carrying case, the kit’s nine binders contain 8-inch-by-5-inch color sheets and a complete Pratt & Lambert fan deck with over 1,000 designer curated colors.

The Color Narrative™ fan deck weaves a tale of exquisite color and uncompromising style. Meticulously edited and carefully refined, Color Narrative™ is Pratt & Lambert’s most cultivated color palette to date. Developed to satisfy the fastidious tastes of professional designers, these 480 stunning hues are organized into five collections: Whites, Light Neutrals, Warm Neutrals, Cool Neutrals, and Chromatics.

Coming soon to select stores, Color Narrative™ Color Collections take the brand-new palette from Pratt & Lambert and organize it into five stunning compilations that refine and elevate décor—each in a different way. From the Old World allure of the Allegory palette to the nostalgic story of Folklore, these cards are a visual feast for clients who want to see your vision before moving forward with their project.

The Color Journeys™ fan deck presents you with 1,120 colors, organized into six unique groups: Whites, Brights, Chromatics, Muted, Neutrals, and Color Narrative™. Designed to help you find the very best colors for all your design projects, this unique paint system can apply color consistently to a number of paint brands—including its premier brand, Pratt & Lambert.